Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Night shots

Night shots

culture at rest

visiting lake Como has been one of my favorite days. Watching the local Italians relax and photographing them was a pleasure. I can't wait to go back and relax more myself. The mountain behind lake Como is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

trend spotting

Walking around Milan and absorbing the fabulous fashion Milan has to offer. Everyone seemed overdressed or very chic. Milan has all style to offer and it was fun stopping local Italians to ask them to be photographed. 

Culture at rest

By far Lake Como is the most amazing place I have ever been to. Its just incredible and breathtaking. This assignment allowed me to not only see how beautiful Como is but to observe how real Italians enjoy it. People at their time of rest, seeing them enjoy nature, no iphones or electronics but just them and nature and it was spectacular to observe and shoot.

Fashion Shoot

This assignment was one of my favorites. It allowed me to picture myself as a professional photographer dealing with elements in an actual photo set. Working with different lightings seeing which is the best, working with the model seeing different poses at which angles and dealing with the garment and trying to make it look the best as possible. In the end it was worth the hard work, seeing the gorgeous outcome. Special thanks to Kristin for all her hard work !

Landscapes of Venice

Venice was such an amazing place to visit, breathtaking. Taking pictures of the scenery and landscapes was the easy part, the hard part was choosing the best ones to post up. Venice's architecture and layout is one of a kind, many photos that I shot I loved because there was so many beautiful elements involved such as the sun, the water filled streets, the joyous people, vivid flowers and historic buildings.

Culture at Rest

For this assignment it was great watching people doing things they enjoy. My favorite photo is the one I took of the young man play with his dog, when I first saw them I was just looking at how much fun they were both having. The dog would just wait to see the young man throw the next rock so he could run after it and jump in to the lake. I feel that that was a perfect example of culture at rest.