Thursday, June 18, 2015



The forms and shape project was by far my most favorite. I love color, shapes and form. It has a lot of relation to my artwork that made me finally feel at home and relaxed. I had the most fun with this project especially that it was in Germany. Since Germany is a huge supporter of art it was the perfect place for this photo assignment, I feel like these were my most successful photographs for this whole summer. I think I was able to get really good color and perspective for each photo. I feel like with each image was very bold in color, shape and material. Which the photos I chose for each theme relates so much to my artwork as a painter. They were each very bold in color and in shape and material. One of my favorite photos is my color photo with the pink wall. I enjoy so much because I fell in love with the color pink lately and its such a vibrant and happy color. I also enjoy the one cast shadow of the pole against the pink doors. My other favorite image is the detail image. I have a knack for texture when I am painting so for the Berlin wall with the gum sticked to wall really intrigued me, It made a very interesting texture that looks so beautiful and make the colors pop and mysterious from underneath the surface. In the end I enjoyed this assignment so much because of all the themes required for the assignment I was able to feel completely free in taking pictures. 


The night landscapes assigned I half enjoyed and half didn’t. I tried using my tri pod and for some reason was not coming out the way I expected. I did enjoy playing around with the lighting at night. I think the huge contrast between the lights in the street and the darkness from the sky was naturally beautiful. My favorite lighting with high contrast was the photo with the boats. I liked the lighting in that photo because I felt like it described Lake Como as very private and personal. The lighting in the center on the boat gave me a feeling of the calm atmosphere. My second favorite photo was the night landscape photo of Germany. I really enjoyed the perspective from the bridge that leads to the water then to the restaurant. I enjoyed how all those combination’s connected in one unit. What I found difficult with the night landscapes was getting the perfect exposure on the camera. Sometimes I felt like my ISO was too high where the picture just becomes to grainy and then increasing the aperture would be make the image too dark. Night Landscape photos overall helps me to appreciate other photographers that go through the process of making a good image. It is definitely not easy to learn and something to practice over time.

Night Landscapes

Night landscapes were the hardest of all the assignments, especially trying to get a landscape with a visual light source.   Fortunately the locations for this assignment made it easier to capture a great nightscape.

These shots were taken in Florence.  The Arno River had an outstanding and picturesque sunset.  Scenes you see in paintings. I can understand the influence Florence had in the renaissance era.  The colors, shapes, reflections were just breathtaking. It made this assignment a pleasure to complete.

The Piazzale Michelangleo gave the Arno River a challenge. The panoramic views of the city of Firenze on the top of the hill were just amazing. The sun takes forever to set in Europe and I eagerly waited for the sun to set so I can start this assignment.  My images did not do it justice. It was spectacular. The colors projected from the cars, lights and buildings below were just amazing.

I didn’t have a tripod so I was fortunate to get a few good images. If I had to change anything, it would be to bring a tripod and plan a bit more before I shot the images I used for this assignment.  I was able to put my camera on the ledge in order to take my images with such low shutter speeds.

After this assignment night landscapes was hands down the most challenging assignment of them all.  It is definitely something that I want to continue working on. Hopefully I can return to Florence and retake the same images with better knowledge in night photography.  

Old and New

The old and new assignment I feel like was the most difficult assignment I’ve had this whole class. It was tricky because we were not able to capture something to general where we can take just anywhere. In Germany also sometimes the buildings would be a replica of older builders but in a modern version. So it was difficult at times to determine how old some of the buildings were. What I did like in searching for the photos was the combination of what the old and the new buildings looked like next to each other. Another thing that was hard to do was how to make something old and new interesting. How can I capture an image in such a way that the ordinary people wouldn’t see everyday but through the lens. This defiantly was not my favorite project but it was an interesting topic choice for a photo assignment, 




The architectural and design assignment was one of my favorite assignments of all.  It was very reminiscent to the scavenger hunt assignment we did.  This time we were scouring for different type of images for architecture and design in the city of Berlin.  Another way of getting to know a city and really paying attention to your surrounding as you walk around and bump into the shape, material, form, color, space and details you are looking for.

The Reichstag Building was full of different forms and shapes that I was able to work with and use for this assignment.  I leaned towards grays and linear shapes and details for my chosen images. Even the sandbags I found by Check Point Charlie had a linear detail to it. Architecture is about the shapes and lines used to create a beautiful structure and Berlin had several structures and the Reichstag Building stood out the most for me.